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Pokemon Handprint Valentine’s Day Kids Craft

I have a few little Pokemon fans who have been asking for some Pikachu crafts. I noticed there are not a ton of Pokemon crafts online, let alone finding Valentines was hard enough. So, we came up with our own Pikachu craft using handprint art.

Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Materials Needed:

– Paint
– Card Stock Paper
– Glitter and whatever else you’d like to add to the card

Pokemon Handprint Valentine Craft

First you’ll have the kids paint their hand yellow only painting the palm, index and pinky finger. Press the hands on the white cardstock paper and let it dry.

Pokemon Handprint Valentine Craft

To create Pikachu’s face it’s pretty easy, using only black, red, and a dot of white paint. You’ll use circles for the eyes and cheeks. Add in the nose and mouth. And don’t forget to paint the tips of the fingers black for his ears.


Pokemon Handprint Valentine Craft