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Handprint Lion Card “You’re A-Rawr-Able”

This week we were inspired by our latest project our recycled 2 Liter Soda Bottle Lion Craft, and came up with these a-rawr-able handprint lion cards. This would be the perfect card for Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day card like example we provided at the end of this post.

"You're A-rawr-able" Handprint Lion Card

“You’re A-rawr-able” Handprint Lion Card Kids Craft


Material Needed:

  • Card Stock
  • Paint – Yellow or gold and Brown
  • Cardboard
  • Marker or pen
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors


First you’ll have your child paint their hands with a yellow or gold paint and press it onto the card stock. Once that is dried you’ll take the brown paint and paint on the details for the feet and tail.

"You're A-rawr-able" Handprint Lion Card

Next cut out the lions mane from a piece of cardboard and paint on the face. Glue it onto the finished handprint. Add in a cute saying like “You’re A-rawr-able” or ” I’m Wild About You!”.

"You're A-rawr-able" Handprint Lion Card

Or if you’re using the card for a Mother’s Day card you can add in “Rawr the best Mom!” like we did in the one  below for an example.

 “Rawr The Best Mom!” Handprint Lion Mother’s Day Card

Rawr The Best Mom - Handprint Lion Mother's Day Card

Make sure to pin this activity and check out our other fun handprint ideas below!

"You're A-rawr-able" Handprint Lion Card