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Handprint Ladybug Planter

We’re finally enjoying some sunshine, which is bringing our crafts outdoors! The kids were so excited to start some gardening projects so we started these simple and ADORABLE Handprint Ladybug Planters. These recycled planters would be perfect for a fun summer craft or to make as a super sweet gift for Mother’s Day. Recycle some tin cans and follow the directions below!

Here’s how to make your own Handprint Ladybug Planter.


Tin Can
Small Plant
Paint Brush
Black Permanent Marker or Black Paint Pen
Black Pipe Cleaners
Small Red Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Hot Glue
White Cardstock
Red Paint Pen

Clean out a tin can, remove label and allow it to dry completely. (Tip: Use a can with a pull off lid as the edges of the can are much smoother than a can opened with a can opener. Make sure all edges are smooth and will not cut little fingers.)

An adult will need to drill a few small holes into the bottom of the can so that the water from the plant can drain.
Paint the can with 1-3 coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

While the paint on the can dries, coat your child’s hand with paint and help them firmly press their hand down onto white cardstock. Help them pull their hand up in one fast motion to avoid smudging the paint. Allow them to dry completely.

Once the handprints are dry, cut them out.
Dip your child’s fingertips in black paint and add spots to the handprints.

Cut a pipe cleaner into 4 pieces and bend the ends. Glue small red poms poms onto the ends of the pipe cleaners. Glue the pipe cleaners on the top inside portion of the can.

Glue googly eyes onto the front of the can.
Glue the handprints onto the back of the can.

Use a red paint pen and draw a small mouth onto the front of the can.
If you’d like to insure that this tin can planter lasts a long time, give the entire can and wings a coat of mod podge or spray sealer.
Fill the can with soil and then add your plant