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Easy Baby Blue Bird Hand Craft With Template

Spring as begun when you start to hear baby birds chirping outside. A baby blue bird craft is perfect for this time of year! The brisk spring mornings are still a little too cold to play outside, so stay inside your cozy nest, grab the art supplies and make this easy paper bird nest craft.

Easy Baby Blue Bird Craft With Template

Once it’s warm enough, go outside and see how many nests you can find. It’s so neat how many nests you can see when the trees don’t have any leaves. Bring your spring craft with you and make note on the back of how many nests you spot. You can even draw a simple map of where the nests are located so you can check back every so often. Maybe you’ll see baby birds in the nests. Display your handprint birds in a nest craft by the door so you remember to check.

Supplies for Baby Blue Bird Paper Craft: construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue, template

Baby Blue Bird Craft Supplies

  • PDF template printed on white paper
  • Blue construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Orange construction paper
  • Gluestick

How to make the paper birds in a nest craft using hand shaped cutouts

Paper Nest Instructions

To get started on your paper bird nest craft, first decide if you want to color the template yourself or print out the template already in color. If you wanted to color the template, do that now. It doesn’t matter what you use to color the template; markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Next, trace the child’s right and left hand plus a little bit of their arm, with fingers wide, on brown paper. Cut the two brown hands out. Place the hands on top of the nest with the fingers pointing towards each other. Weave the fingers together to make a nest-like pattern.

Paper Handprint Nest with Printable

Next, fold under the arm/wrist part and glue it to the edge of the nest, leaving the fingers free to move. Put a little glue on the pinkie fingers and glue those down so the baby blue birds don’t fall out. The nest is now made and ready for the hand shaped baby blue birds.

Weave paper fingers to create bird's nest