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‘Dad You Rock Card’ for Father’s Day – Printable Guitar Template

This ‘You Rock Dad!’ card for Father’s Day is perfect for the “cool” Dad who loves music! Bonus, this card is easy and fast to make. Plus, we are sharing a printable guitar template! Perfect to make for both fathers and grandfathers. So, turn on some music and get rockin’ on this awesome handprint guitar Father’s Day card.

'Dad You Rock Card' for Father’s Day with printable guitar template

Father’s Day Card Supplies


  • white printer paper (preferably cardstock)
  • construction paper
  • pencil
  • gluestick
  • coloring supplies

Printable Guitar Template

Printable Guitar Craft Template


To begin the handprint guitar card for dad, print out the template on cardstock or plain printer paper. Then have the kids use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to decorate the template however they’d like.

Color the guitar coloring page

You Rock Dad! Card Instructions:

Next trace your child’s hand on the red construction paper. Now you can cut the handprint out with scissors.

To make the “Rock On” hand gesture, put a little glue stick on the thumb, middle and ring finger. Stick these 3 fingertips to the palm of the hand, holding for about a minute to make sure they a secure.

Rock on! Handprint Guitar Card for Dad with Template

Now, swipe some glue stick on the back of the red construction paper hand trace and attach it to the printed template. The You Rock Dad! card craft is ready to give to an awesomely cool Dad this Father’s Day!

Music was very important when I was growing up. Whether it was a party, car ride, or a simple Sunday morning, there was always music playing. My Dad made sure I heard all the top hits and classics from every era. He also taught us that listening to music can lighten a grumpy mood, motivate a good work out, and calm us before bed. What a great way to show appreciation for this gift of music than with this awesome handprint guitar Father’s Day card. – Jessica, mom of two

Guitar Handprint You Rock Craft for Father's Day