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Doily Bumble Bee Paper Plate Craft For Valentine’s Day

Love bug crafts are pretty popular during Valentine’s Day, today we’re sharing our take on an easy love bug craft using doilies! You can pick these up just about anywhere, but I grabbed ours at our local dollar store because I knew I could use them in a craft session. You can display this as decor or even turn them into valentine’s and add a to/from on the back along with a sweet message like “Bee Mine” or ” We Bee-Long Together”.

Doily Bumble Bee Valentine's Day Craft


Doily Valentine’s Day Bumble Bee Craft

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  • Paper Plates
  • Yellow Paint
  • Washi Tape( We used grey glitter wash tape)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Heart Shaped Doilies
  • Card Stock
  • Googly Eyes
  • Permanent Marker


First take two paper plates and cut one of them into a smaller circle to use as the head. Paint them with your yellow paint and set aside to dry.

Doily Bumble Bee Valentine's Day Craft

Now grab your wash tape and use this for the bumble bee’s stripes. I didn’t have black but we had a pretty sparkly grey that perfect for this craft, however any style will do!  Cut your strips of tape and lay them down a long the body of your bumble bee. After you do this step you can also cut out a black triangle from your card stock paper and glue it to the bottom for the stinger.




Next grab the smaller circle that you cut for the face and glue on your googly eyes. I had to use card stock for the eyes because we had no extra large googly eyes for the craft. Next we added in red hearts on the cheek and drew in a mouth with permanent marker.




And finally you can glue everything together! Attach the head to the body of your bumble bee, then glue the doilies to the back of your bee, and finish it off with two red pipe cleaners for antennas!

Doily Bumble Bee Valentine's Day Craft